Football, luxury and power… It is no news that the position of professional football player carries with it the responsibility of being a role model. Countless people aspire to this position at some point in their lives.

And it’s no wonder, given that a successful footballer in Europe earns huge sums, such as Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo, who earns 113 million euros a year. Crazy, isn’t it?

Being so highly paid, footballers enjoy a full life. Trips to paradisiacal and exclusive locations, a car collection, presence at VIP events, parties on their yachts and much more than money can buy.

And that is precisely where the involvement with women comes in. Imagine being able to think of the ideal woman of your dreams and having her by your side? It sounds like a miracle, doesn’t it? And this is precisely what happens with most of them.

Whether it is because of their beauty, their fame or their prestige, footballers attract the attention of many people who are looking for a good time or even to start a family and a life with them.

On the other hand, fame and prestige can bring with it greater responsibilities. It is not uncommon to see cases of players who say that they have been extorted by women looking for a financial reward, either for an intimate photo, or for revealing compromising information that could harm them in their public life.

The advantages of escorts

It is precisely at this moment when many of them start to wonder if it wouldn’t be better to hire the services of beautiful Bangalore escorts. Either due to lack of time or even lack of interest in forming a relationship, just because they want to enjoy the moment without complications. That’s where Skokka escorts come in.

Escorts are a reality in the lives of many players, who on the one hand want a high class companion to go to high society events or even for intimacy, while on the other hand they don’t want to waste time looking for the ideal partner, or even want more secrecy and privacy in their sex lives.

They are beautiful, charming and polite. They have exquisite taste and love to receive expensive gifts and go to luxurious places. But it is a mistake to think that hot Brisbane escorts, only offer sex. Many of them are university students or even already graduated, avid readers and travelers. That is why these factors delight men who are looking for more than just an intimate encounter, but to be able to talk about anything and have a companionship at the same level in any social environment.

These are exclusive encounters, group meetings or even parties that can last for days. Already in the 1970s, when society was not as liberalized as it is today, parties after matches or training sessions were a joy.

The question is: Do sexual practices before or after matches help or hinder the performance of players?

This has always been a topic of debate in the football world, and the reality is that, in medical terms, the practice does not imply a decrease in the performance of the athletes, however, many specialists argue that, depending on the intensity of the act, players may not only get tired and have a loss of energy, but also get injured and not be able to give one hundred percent of their normal performance to the team.

Nevertheless, it is understandable that athletes want to make love, since it is more than proven that sex relieves stress, relaxes and releases the happy hormones responsible for well-being.

And the truth is that the subject should not be taken as a taboo, considering that many players are young and full of hormones, as well as those who have a steady partner, and want to have the moment of intimacy even as a form of support and embrace.

For example, at the 2006 World Cup in Germany, the coach of the Brazilian national team, Carlos Alberto Parreira, allowed sexual practices by the players when they were in the training camp. In his opinion, sex was not a potential problem if practiced consciously, and that greater risks to the players’ performance would be the consumption of alcohol, smoking or not sleeping well.

To release the excitement of sports training, the best medicine is lovemaking. Whether it is with your partner, with a friend with rights or with the most beautiful Mumbai Escorts. Sex improves mood, lowers cardiovascular risk and is also good for the skin. In the end, sex is also a sport. And therefore it has all the advantages as any other.

And if practice makes perfect, go ahead! Without a doubt, it is a workout that is not only fun, but also pleasurable.