There was a time when women’s orgasm was simply a myth. Doctors in the past believed that women do not experience pleasure during sex. This continued until Dr Joseph Mortimer Granville, and his friend brought in the idea of the vibrators to help women orgasm.

In the present time, many women use vibrators for self-pleasure. Although a myth still exists portraying vibrators as a pleasure tool for single and lonely women only, more and more couples are seen to be using vibrators and sex toys together. Additionally, for men who have questions like how last longer in bed, sex toy is the answer to that. So sex toys are not just for women but they also help men in bed.

The topic of sex toys is considered dirty, and most people are shy to discuss it openly. Both men and women find it embarrassing to buy sex toys from a store. But that does not have to stop couples from using sex toys. They can always choose to use homemade sex toys. If you do not know how to make homemade sex toys check out Love My Senses for tutorials. Sex toys can play a very crucial role in a relationship. Let’s talk about how sex toys can improve your sex life.

How sex toys play a role in improving your sex life?

Before we get into the topic of using sex toys, we need to understand the fact that many women cannot orgasm through penetrative sex, and many have never experienced orgasms. But that is not something wrong. In times like this, store-bought sex toys or handmade sex toys such as vibrators play an essential role.

Vibrators allow clitoral stimulation, which otherwise is not possible through basic penetration. Men in general often feel the pressure of making a woman orgasm, and sex toys can help relieve this pressure. Thus allowing both partners to enjoy a fulfilling sexual experience.

Sex toys were often credited for their solo achievements. But now, couples use them during foreplay and intercourse. The use of sex toys can never replace traditional love making rather they help couples enhance their sexual relationship making both partners satisfied.

There are different types of sex toys available in the market. Some sex toys can help you explore areas in your body that turn you on. Even homemade sex toys like ice and feather dusters can help with foreplay.

Incorporating sex toys in your relationship

Even  though most couples use sex toys many hesitate to use them. The reasons for that could be many. Maybe your partner is uncomfortable or you are holding on to old stereotypes. In these cases communication is the key. Here is how you can incorporate sex toys into your relationship.

Pick the right time

When you are just starting a relationship it is not the right time to bring up the topic of sex toys. This might give your partner the wrong idea about you. It’s very important to develop trust before bringing on the topic.

It’s suggested that you bring on the topic outside the bedroom so that the conversation is more casual. It is also suggested that you casually talk about the topic to check your partner’s reaction before you drop the idea of trying sex toys as a couple.

Use sex toys for enhancing not fixing

Men and women are equally insecure when it comes to sex life. Bringing on the topic of using sex toys directly might look like an insult to their sexual abilities. Your partner might think that you are criticizing their ability to satisfy. Therefore it is always a great idea to introduce sex toys while focusing on enhancing your already amazing sex life.

Be specific

It is very important to explain your motive to your partner when introducing a particular sex toy. Be clear about your purpose of purchasing the toy and how the toy will help enhance your love making.

Avoid Pressure

Once you bring up the topic of sex toys and your partner doesn’t show any interest stop it then and there. Give them the space to think, it is possible that they will give it a thought and might want to try it after sometime. You can talk about the subject again after a couple of weeks but do not pressurize. Sex toys are all about fun and not stress.

Shop together

Shopping together gives you a chance to look and decide which of the toys you both are comfortable with. Since there are individual devices available along with a couple devices you have to decide what you exactly want.

Sometimes shopping isn’t always necessary because you can choose to use homemade sex toys available. You can choose to use easily available items like a showerhead/ jet spray for clitoral stimulation, ice, feather duster, hair brushes for foreplay.

Do not be too serious about it

The process of selecting and using sex toys in your relationship must not be taken too seriously. It’s important to create an environment where both you and your partner can have fun about the topic. This not only deepens your connection but also allows you both to laugh together while exploring more possibilities.